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Emily Filice
Piano Instructor

Emily Filice began her musical studies at the age of five, in her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. By the age of 14, her participation in various festivals and competitions throughout Alberta, and an inspiring orchestral debut, prompted her to concentrate on her musical studies. Last Fall, funded generously by The New School of Performing Arts, the Anne Burrows Music Foundation and The Edmonton Community Foundation's Ranald and Vera Shean Memorial Award and Winspear Fund Scholarship for Advanced Classical Music, Emily began her Masters in Piano Performance at Mannes in New York City with Pavlina Dokovska. 


Emily has been featured in a variety of concerts in New York and across Canada. While completing her Bachelor of Music at L’Université de Montréal, she performed frequently at ‘Café Resonance’ which, as well as being her favourite vegan restaurant, held a popular monthly Classical Music Showcase. During her time in Montréal, she also received the Fellowship award for full time studies in French, as well as the distinguished Fond de Denise Angers - ‘Excellence en Piano’ award for her exceptional musical promise. Performance highlights in Edmonton include Alberta College Conservatory of Music’s Connection Series, broadcast on CKUA radio, AIMTAC’s annual Scholarship Concert and the Anne Burrows Music Foundation Opus 34 and 38 Benefit Recitals. This past Fall, Emily was praised for her “stylish and sensitive” performance of Chopin in the Mannes Sounds Festival: Piano Cantabile series. Her love for travel has brought her to various summer festivals throughout Alberta, Québec, Washington and Spain. Inspired by their mentorship, personal integrity and musical guidance, Emily has enjoyed the privilege of working closely with Professor Alexandra Munn, Pavlina Dokovska, Vladimir Valjarevic, Janet Scott Hoyt and Janelle Fung as well as chamber coaches Johanne Perron and Jeffrey Zeigler. Her deep passion for chamber music makes her a sought after accompanist, has lead her to perform in several piano trios, and to form many dear friendships. 

Ms. Filice has been teaching for over ten years, with students ranging from 5 to 18. She has enjoyed preparing students for a variety of recitals, examinations and festival competitions. She emphasizes the use of creativity and determination to overcome challenges at the piano, as well as daily technique and ear training exercises. Based on their goals and areas that need strengthening, she picks a method that will both compliment and challenge each individual student. Ms. Filice also asks students to listen to their repertoire and other classical music as often as possible, in order to further develop their musical ear and become inspired. She is currently pursuing her Masters in piano performance at Mannes College in New York.


Upon discovering all the ways it complimented her musical ambitions, Emily has become a passionate athlete. Her dedication in overcoming challenging athletic goals has helped her cultivate an intense determination and assertiveness that manifests in her musical life. Aside from completing three half marathons and practicing hot yoga, Emily recently began training in Krav Maga: a martial art and form of street fighting used for self defence. In March 2018, Mannes awarded Emily with the coveted Alsop Entrepreneurial Grant to produce a series of music videos showcasing new music by female composers. Featuring her as both a pianist and a fighter, her goal is to empower women to re-train their reflexes as assertive performing artists and as a means to protect themselves. 

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