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Matei Predescu is a pianist, composer, improviser, and educator from the Bay Area, California with 5 years of experience as an educator and over 15 years of formal study of jazz and classical piano. Matei received a BM in Jazz Piano and Interdisciplinary Performance from Oberlin Conservatory, where they studied with Dan Wall, Dana Jessen, and Billy Hart. Matei has performed at venues and festivals across the Bay Area including the San Jose Jazz Festival, Next Generation Jazz Festival, and the Stanford Jazz Festival.


As an educator, Matei has experience teaching in private and group settings with children as young as 6 and adults as old as 25. Matei has been affiliated with the Stanford Jazz Workshop as an educator and administrator since 2017, and has taught internationally in Amman, Jordan and its surrounding communities. Additionally, Matei has worked with a private studio as a jazz piano instructor of secondary lessons through Oberlin Conservatory. As a private piano teacher, Matei focuses on cultivating students’ lifelong passion and curiosity for music, while establishing strong fundamentals in piano technique, ear training, sight reading. Matei teaches students a combination of classical repertoire, foundational improvisation, jazz, and pop. Matei helps his students develop as performers as well, and encourages them to find joy and fulfillment in performing for friends, family, and larger audiences alike.

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