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Registration Fee (Non-refundable, per enrolled individual)
  • Fall - $35
  • Spring - $35 
(Registration Fees can be waived when a family takes advantage of the Early Bird registration period before the start of each semester). 
Recital Fee
  • $40 per Individual
**A $45 Recital Accompaniment fee is applied for Voice and Instrumental students.

Payment Options
    **Payment for the semester is up front before lessons are scheduled.
 Full Amount
 Tuition for the semester is paid in full before the beginning of the semester. 
 Inquire at 

Late Payments 
Semester payments must be submitted by Due Date.
-A late fee of $50 is automatically applied 7 Days after the due date.
-Accounts 14 Days delinquent will no longer receive lessons until payment is received.
Forms Of Payment
Credit Card, ACH with Student Portal, Zelle, Check, & Cash

Withdrawal and Tuition Refund
Students who wish to withdraw must fill out a withdrawal request form. Students may withdraw at any time during the semester for a credit or refund, with 24 hours notice given before the next scheduled lesson. Our staff will contact you within 10 business days of your request. Every withdrawal situation is different, and Keys To Success will work to find an adequate and rapid solution to each case. The withdrawal approval may take up to 30 days to process.
  • Credits
Credits for private lessons are active for one year from the date the credit is issued. From the point at which your withdrawal is approved it may take up to 10 business days to receive a credit. Payment plan, registration, and late payment fees are non-refundable. There is no penalty for credit withdrawals. 
  • Refunds
Upon approval of withdrawal, students may choose to be issued a refund for the remaining balance. Keys To Success will withhold the cost of lessons that have already transpired (including student absences). For refunds, KTS will withhold a penalty of the cost of 2 additional lessons from the date that withdrawal is confirmed. 
Medical Withdrawals
Keys To Success offers medical withdrawals with refunds or credits on a case by case basis with a doctor’s note. Basis for withdrawals include injuries or illnesses that genuinely impede a student’s abilities to successfully participate in their musical instruction or instrument learning. To request a medical withdrawal, please complete a withdrawal request form.
Our staff will contact you within 10 business days of your request. The withdrawal approval may take up to 30 days to process.

By registering for one-on-one lessons, students commit to a consistent schedule with their instructor. Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons and to give as much notice as possible when a cancellation is necessary. 
Excused Absences
All students are entitled to TWO excused absences per semester (No additional makeup will be given, unless due to a teacher’s absence). An excused absence requires 24 hour notice (No later than 8:00 PM the evening prior) with an email to or call to the school office at 929-288-1833. ((lesson that is canceled on the same day as the scheduled lesson will be excused only in the case of student illness, so long as notice to the office is given by 11:00 AM on the day of the lesson for weekday lessons, or 8:00 AM for Saturday lessons; or in the event of a verified emergency.)) 
Unexcused Absences
All lessons canceled with less than 24 hours notice will be considered unexcused and will not be eligible to be made up. 
Makeup Lessons
Students should schedule a time for a make-up lesson directly with the instructor. Student cancellation of an agreed upon make-up lesson will not be made up or credited. Makeup lessons will be scheduled during a week designated between the teacher and student/family. Makeups that are not completed by the end of semester will be forfeited. 
     **Cancellation of lessons due to unsafe weather will be conducted online. 
If a student arrives late, instructors are only obligated to teach until the lesson’s scheduled endpoint. Missed lesson time due to student tardiness will not be made up. If 15 minutes of the lesson has passed, the teacher is not obligated to stay for the remainder of the time. If an instructor is late by 10 minutes or more, they will be obligated to make up the lesson at a later date. Missed lesson time due to faculty tardiness will be made up at a mutually convenient time. 
**Tuition does not cover the cost of music or books. New students may register at any time.
Participation in the performance workshops and bi-annual recital is highly encouraged. Our teachers reserve the right to determine whether or not a student is adequately prepared to perform. 
A quiet and free-from interruption environment is required for the teacher to have one-on-one lessons with the student. Parents are welcome to observe the first lesson.

School Policies

Make Up Policy
BUILDING SAFETY: While we will endeavor to conduct in-person programs we reserve the right to transition in whole or in part to on-line if we feel it necessary for health and safety purposes. *There are no refunds for transitioning to online lessons.

Students and accompanying adults may be subject to COVID-19 screening procedures for in-person programs as determined by the School and consistent to and subject to any NYS or NYC requirements.

Students, teachers, and accompanying adults will be required to wash their hands for 20 seconds upon arrival, and will be optional to wear a mask for the duration of the lesson. 

Teachers will be asked to wipe down the keys after a student's piano lesson.

IN-PERSON INSTRUCTION AND FACILITY CLOSURE: For students participating in in-person lessons and classes, in the event Keys To Success needs to close its facility for a period of time due to NYC and CDC recommendations related to COVID-19, or as the school deems necessary for safety reasons; instruction will continue online.

Covid-19 Policy

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