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Performance Workshop

Performance Workshop

on March 5th, 2016

At Keys To Success, we believe that one of the greatest ways to develop as musicians is to play in front of our peers and receive feedback. It gives us the opportunity to hear about our strengths and become aware of areas where we can develop. Each semester, Keys To Success offers Performance Workshops where students get to practice performing a piece or two in front of their peers in a friendly and more intimate setting. After each student's playing, we invite teachers and students to give both positive feedback as well as 'room-for-improvement' feedback. Our next Performance Workshop will be Saturday, March 5th, at 2:00P.M. Due to the size of the space, we're limiting the size of the workshop to 20 participants, on a first come first serve basis. We are also asking for a $12 for enrollment to cover cost.

To sign up, please email us at

Date: Saturday, March 5th

Time: 2:00-3:00 P.M.

Check out some of our students' feedback and playing at our last workshop HERE!

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