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Give Your Child the Gift of a Beautiful Mind

One of the best things you can do for your child is to give them piano lessons. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that the mental benefits of piano playing are varied and extensive. Some even say that piano playing is a complete brain workout! How complete? Here are just a few examples of what is going on inside the mind of a piano player:

Using the Whole Body

Playing the piano gives the brain the opportunity to communicate with the entire body. Eyes read the music. Ears listen to the music. Hands play the notes simultaneously but independent of one another. Fingers play the keys; all ten fingers, by the way, which is amazing. Feet play the pedals. Pianists are aware of their body and they use it to maintain balance and to help them add expression to their music. The whole body is also involved in keeping time, as the hands, feet, fingers, ears, and eyes all need to be synchronized to the beat of the music.

Activating the Senses

Piano playing is a sensory experience like no other. A pianist can hear, see, and touch the relationships between notes on the piano. Pianists can also see these relationships in written music and convert the relationships they see on the page to music they play. This gives the pianist a deep understanding of spatial relationships. With relatively little training, pianists can learn to look at written music and imagine within their minds what those notes will sound like and how it will feel to play them.

Expressing Emotion

Piano playing is emotional. Pianists have an extensive arsenal of tools to help them express emotions while they play. Speed, rhythm, touch, body language, and articulation are just a few of the tools pianists use. Playing the piano is an emotional outlet and allows pianists to express themselves safely. Piano playing builds confidence, lifts the spirit, and chases away anxiety and depression.

Piano lessons for kids are more than creating beautiful music; they are also about creating beautiful minds. No one ever grows up and regrets knowing how to play the piano. Add piano playing to the list of life skills your child needs, right beside reading, writing, and arithmetic. The benefits your child will gain from learning to play the piano are real and measurable and they cannot be achieved in any other way. It's no exaggeration to say that piano playing truly is a key to success.

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