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Five Tips to Help Your Child Practice the Piano

As a parent, getting your child to practice daily can be such a battle. Begging, crying, pouting, and much more can be demonstrated from all parties! Luckily, there may be things that can help. Here are five tips you can try to make piano practice a little easier on everyone.

Keep a Schedule

Having a time set aside each day for piano practice can help encourage your child to practice. When they understand that it is something they have to do daily, no matter what, it can remove a lot of the battles.


Some parents find that using a reward or incentive system really helps keep their child motivated to practice.

Make it Fun

Try making practicing a little more fun for your child. This can make practicing seem less like a chore. Try making a game board for their daily practice!

Find a Good Teacher

Almost nothing can replace the efforts of a good piano teacher. Finding the right teacher for your child can make a world of difference, and can help encourage your child to practice.

Home Recitals

When it comes to performing, having your child do home piano performances before bigger ones can help prepare them for recitals. It can also count as their practice, and break up the monotony of daily practice.

Getting your child to practice each day can be difficult. Try using some of these tips to encourage your child to practice the piano more often, without a battle.

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