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"My six-year-old son started lessons with Rosanna six months ago, after studying for about a year elsewhere. The difference in his attitude and motivation was immediate. Rosanna somehow manages to be challenging without any threat to the basic joy of playing music. She tailors her lessons to her students' particular needs, gives very precise feedback and practice instructions, and organizes wonderful recitals that the students love. Rosanna is patient, good-humored, and an excellent pianist herself--and it's clear that she takes real pleasure in sharing her knowledge. I'm really grateful to have found her."

- Francesca, mother of Nico, Age 6

"I had been looking for piano lessons for my kids for several years, and finally found Rosanna's piano studio.  I started my seven-year old in the fall and she absolutely loves her it.  I'll start my son next fall.  My daughter's teacher, Sherry, is incredibly talented, both as a pianist and teacher.  From the start she has been very patient with my daughter who loves to talk and be silly. After every lesson, my daughter on her own initiative has become more and more dedicated to learning the piano.  Where I often dreaded practicing piano when I was a kid, my daughter, with some encouragement from Sherry, now wants to practice all the time at home.  She was inspired by Rosanna and Sherry after seeing them perform an amazing duet at the last recital.  Overall, I highly recommend this establishment.  Rosanna and Sherry are true professionals and excellent with kids (and parents)!

- Michael, father of Sophia, Age 7

"I am graphic designer, 28 years old who never played any instrument before. A couple of months ago, I have decided to learn how to play piano, my first step was to search for a good teachers with the right set of skills needed, because believe me teaching adults that never played an instrument before isn't the easiest task - it requires a lot of experience and patience. And even without a musical background I can assure you that Rosanna is a great tutor. She has all that sensibility required to teach and knows very well how to make the classes entertaining and pleasant but still challenging, instructive and fun."

- Andre, Age 28

Rosanna is a wonderful instructor. My son -he is 8- has been taking piano for almost two semesters and he loves going to class. Rosanna is very patient and organized. I can definitely see how much my son has progressed in this short time!"

- Joan, mother of Ian, Age 8

"Rosanna is one of the best piano teachers (if not THE best) I’ve found in the city. I learn something new every time I go to her, and I always feel like I’m actively playing while in the lesson with her – she’s able to mix intellectual learning with the actual doing, which I think is the rarest of rare in a teacher, and especially in only 45 minutes. If you actually want to learn, no matter your current skill level, Rosanna will get you to where you want to be. I personally desire to learn improvisational playing, chords, and free form playing rather than reading notes on a page, and she’s the first I’ve found who can effectively teach this and make me feel like I’m improving. Can’t recommend her enough!"

- BJ, adult student

"My daughter loves her lessons with Rosanna and she has improved significantly.  Rosanna has done an outstanding job with her technical abilities while making it fun!!  I get sent videos on a monthly basis (at least!) of the two of them composing/playing the piano together.  I like the methods used during the lessons, which combines collaboration, encouragement, creativity, and technique.  I highly recommend Rosanna Piano Studio!!!"

- Lynda, mother of Sydney, Age 8

"Great studio! Very encouraging and caring teachers. My 6 year old son started his lessons with Sherry few months ago. He enjoys the lessons very much, extremely happy and excited every time."

- Tanya, mother of Daniel, Age 6

"My 5-year old son has been taking piano lessons from Ali for a little over a month, but already I can see the benefits - the discipline of practicing and the development of perseverance and grit when he's frustrated with his little fingers not moving the way he wants over the piano keys. As he perseveres and eventually gets comfortable playing the songs, I can see the look of accomplishment in his face. It is really wonderful to see my son owning this process of learning piano. It's also been a joy to see my son engage with Ali who is very warm, kind and great with kids! The quality and professionalism of Keys to Success is also worth noting. Would highly recommend!"

- Kara, mother of Samuel, Age 5

"Our 12-year old son loves piano and it was his idea to take lessons.  But, even the most diligent student will fall down once in awhile on his practice.  Mostly he practices without any prodding - but get this - he recently asked us to "help him remember" to practice at least 45 minutes each day and to get through all the practice pieces Rosanna recommends at his weekly lesson.  I can't emphasize what a big deal this is, but if you have a 12 year-old boy, you might get it.  At first, he was determined not to perform in the recital this summer, so I asked Rosanna privately for help encouraging him and presto - he's agreed to perform!   I suspect this could be related to the request for us to help him remember to practice.  :)  Rosanna sends videos once in a while, which are great for sharing with grandparents, etc. - and I see how the resulting "fan mail" he receives from them makes him smile despite his tweenness.  She also hands out a "student of the month" award, and he seemed to have an extra bounce in his step the time he won it.  Whatever else you're doing, Rosanna, the boy is passionate, practicing - and improving!  Not to mention he's sharing it all with us and (gasp) asking us to help him continue improving.  It is a joy to see (and, of course, to hear).  Thanks Rosanna!"

- Cori, parent of Cole, Age 12

"My daughter is very shy and does not like to perform in front of a group. At our house, it seems clear that she enjoys to perform and wishes she could. She is very musical and puts on performances nightly. Keys To Success has found a way to tap into both her musical ability and get her to perform in front of her peers. She loves the "responsibility" of her assignments and completing them each week make her proud of herself. Sherry at Keys To Success has just the right touch."

- Holly, mother of Lucia, Age 6

"I am amazed at the progress my seven year old daughter has made under Rosanna's guidance.  My daughter is developing a love for playing the piano and she is excited to go to her lesson every week. Her technical skills have improved tremendously in a short period of time and her confidence has also grown remarkably.  Rosanna is able to teach in a way that is simultaneously challenging, fun and collaborative.  My daughter feels a strong sense of accomplishment at the end of her lessons because Rosanna manages to gently and patiently guide her into more challenging material or new ways of approaching familiar songs.  My daughter takes her piano exercises very seriously but she has also become a fan of experimenting with the piano just for fun.  My daughter even has her younger sister, who does not take piano yet, excited about taking lessons with Rosanna.  We are very happy we found Rosanna because she is a wonderful teacher who knows her students and her instrument exceptionally well."

- Fadwa, mother of Bayan, Age 7

"My son is 5 years old. He has been taking piano lessons from teacher Rosanna for 5 months now and he absolutely loves it. Teacher Rosanna is very patient and awesome with kids. She makes learning how to play the piano fun and enjoyable for my son. Every time my son goes to his piano lesson, he comes out smiling. We highly recommend Teacher Rosanna!!!"

- Bernie, mother of Preston, Age 5

"I started learning piano at the age of 6 and continued playing until I graduated from college. After taking a 4 year break following my graduation from school,  I recently decided I wanted to start taking lessons again. I found Keys to Success in my Google search and started taking lessons with Sherry about 1 1/2 months ago. She is able to pinpoint exactly what I need to work on. Even though I have played piano for so long, I can really feel a big improvement in my finger strength and performance tactics after working with Sherry.  Sherry is very pleasant to work with. Our lessons are very productive and she is helping me improve a lot. Highly recommended!!"

- Cait, adult student

"My daughter Nia has learned so much from her teacher Ms. Ali! Her music memory has improved in such a short time. Ms. Ali has found the perfect balance of challenging Nia and allowing her to enjoy her lessons. I highly recommend this school to parents. All of the teachers are excellent and work well will kids of all ages. They make learning piano fun and instill a love of music!"

- Noreen, mother of Nia, Age 5

"Absolutely love Ms. Rosanna!!  My daughter started the piano class with Rosanna when she was 4 and a half years old.  Rosanna has a great and effective teaching methodology which nicely balances between performance and introductory music theory , and she makes it such a fun learning activity for kids to play piano, and truly master the essence of learning.  It's amazing to see how much my daughter has progressed within such a short period of time. Rosanna is also a very kind and fun person and my daughter enjoys being with her for the piano lessons. Highly recommended!

- Rose, mother of Zurie, Age 5

"Rosanna has been teaching my daughter piano for the past two years and we have been extremely happy.  Rosanna maintains the delicate balance of being a kind and patient teacher while still challenging her students.  My daughter works really hard during her lessons but also has lots of fun.  Rosanna works with each students' musical interests and encourages students to suggest pieces they would like to play.  My daughter was thrilled when Rosanna helped her learn a familiar Dvorak song from an old lullaby CD.  

"We also really enjoy the bi-annual recitals.  It is a great exercise for the children to perform in front of an audience and fun to hear all the other students play.  We are always impressed with the performances of all the students." 

-Veenu, mother of Kareena and Kavi, Ages 9 and 6  

"Great value; Awesome experience; Superb teacher. Rosanna is excellent at tailoring your lesson to give you just enough challenge without being overwhelming. I am incredibly impressed by how far above and beyond she goes with the experience - a lesson followed up by an email with a digital recording of your homework, written input regarding the lesson and useful tips as you practice for the next week. As far as piano teachers go, I would say Rosanna is top notch!! Her personality is also a delight - positive, encouraging, sweet and clearly very skilled. I would recommend her in an instant."

- Emily, adult student

"Rosanna Buchs is an excellent piano teacher. She is a highly skilled professional. She is patient, understands how to teach and motivate young students. She is methodical and comes prepared to lessons. She also uses different techniques to help her students practice and prepare for lessons and offers them the opportunity to perform at recitals. She truly enjoys teaching piano and is a pleasure to have as our daughter's mentor. She is able to understand Katerina's musical interests and passion and incorporates it into her lessons. As a piano player myself, I wish I could have studied under Rosanna's guidance as a child."

-Trienet, mother of Katerina, Age 13

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