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Praised for her beautiful, deep sound, virtuosic skills, and immense artistry, Russian-born American pianist Diana Borshcheva started her career nearly 25 years ago. Ms. Borshcheva won several competitions in Russia and Europe, including the International Piano Competition in Italy (Grand Prix) and the International Piano Competition in Lithuania (First Award). A graduate of the Central Music School (Moscow, Russia) Ms. Borshcheva received her Master of Music Degree in both Solo and Collaborative Piano from the Cleveland Institute of Music. Before moving to NYC last September, Diana served as a pianist at Bard College-Conservatory. Currently she is on the Artistic Staff Board for Bard College and Manhattan School of Music. 
An active advocate for salon performance, Ms. Borshcheva produced the event series Music in Red Hook (2021-2023) in upstate NY. Music in Red Hook was created to support local artists after a hard period of Covid lockdown, when the majority of musicians lost all opportunities to perform. 
In addition to her performance career, Ms. Diana has worked as a piano teacher and vocal coach offering personalized lessons and instruction to students of all ages and experience levels since 2010. In her own words, “The study of music is a life-changing experience! As an aspiring teaching artist, my teaching philosophy centers around the idea of allowing yourself to dive into the learning process. Some students will pursue professional careers, others will pass this knowledge to the next generation, and some will realize that music simply changes the way they view the world around them for the better. The study of music comes hand in hand with the understanding of certain personable skills as well. Responsibility, confidence, and discipline are necessary components of the successful student's oeuvre. Without a doubt, those traits may be applied to an array of fields outside of music. Students will begin to realize that to do something well, it must be done with care, patience, and with passion for the music!”

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