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Angelina Kolobukhova
Piano Instructor 

Angelina Kolobukhova was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus, and she began classical piano lessons at six and voice lessons at nine. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, she performed at popular music competitions in Europe and attended masterclasses with different artists, one of the most memorable being Kevin Mahogany. In 2018, after being awarded a scholarship she moved to New York to attend Adelphi University’s Honors College, and she has recently received her degree in Music with a Concentration in Jazz Studies. Throughout her college career she studied with Priscilla Owens and had taken lessons with Rosana Eckert and Peter Eldridge, also having attended workshops with Dianne Reeves and Ari Hoenig. She is an alumni of the 2021 Boisey Lowery Living Jazz Residency and a current Mentee in the Women Jazz Organization Mentors Program led by Roxy Coss, Tahira Clayton, and Allegra Levy. 

Angelina has taught voice and piano lessons to ages 5-16. She believes that teaching is about connecting with the student and creating a space of mutual understanding. Small steps should always be acknowledged and encouraged, as progress is ultimately made up of daily commitment. She thinks that music learning is for everyone and is a fascinating process that can heal, inspire, and humble us at the same time. Angelina believes that, regardless of a future career choice, musical training can make children into more hard-working, curious, and passionate human beings. 

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