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Our Program

We believe that anyone can become a performing musician. We do this by providing private lessons, performance workshops, semester recitals, accredited testing, and competitions. Find out more under Learn, Perform, Grow

Students at Piano Recital
Our Program
Private Lessons

Private lessons are the bedrock of our program. With each lesson, players increase their hand-eye coordination, aural skills, music notation knowledge, and their understanding of music. Lessons are designed to remain fun and engaging, while also challenging students with new learning concepts like repetition, practicing, and memorization. And at the end of each semester, students showcase their hard work for family and friends at our bi-annual recital. 

Have questions? Find answers on our FAQ page!

Performance Workshops

Performance Workshops are designed to give students the opportunity to ‘practice’ their performance, receive feedback, and experience camaraderie with their peers.


Students play or sing one or two memorized pieces for other students who listen for dynamics, mood, tempo, articulation, performance posture, etiquette, and more. Students then offer their feedback to the performer based on the musical techniques they heard during the performance. Peers give feedback that is both positive and specific, while also highlighting opportunities for practice. 

In addition to playing and feedback, we have fun musical games where students get to win candies on our scoreboard. At times, it can get competitive, and our students love these games.

Through participating in these workshops, students become less intimidated playing in front of others and more confident for the recital.


Recitals are an exciting time for students to share their hard work and celebrate their successes with friends and family.


Students prepare for their recital throughout the semester by memorizing pieces, performing in front of peers, and attending Performance Workshops. Nearly all of our students become comfortable playing in front of others as the semester progresses.


We believe that by preparing students for performances we are teaching them life skills that will be with them for the rest of their lives. 


As students progress through the Keys To Success program, they begin to desire new opportunities to demonstrate their new skills and musical growth. We offer Music Exams and Competitions as a resource for their continued growth in musicianship and performance. 

Music Exams

Students who have developed great practicing habits and a desire to master their instrument can take one of two testing methods, ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) or RCM (Royal Conservatory Of Music). Both provide increasing levels of musical proficiency and grading that informs the student where they are excelling and where they can improve. Completing all levels of these exams with honor or distinction is recognized by college institutions and can help with students' acceptance into colleges.


For us, competing is less about ‘winning', and more about the experience of competing. We believe that the more our students participate in competitions, the more likely they will develop a resilience to failure, which will provide them with more opportunities as adults. So we find opportunities for our students to perform and compete in the NYC area. Competitions have included the Rondo Young Artist Festival, Little Mozarts Competition, Vivo Competition, and many more.

At Keys To Success, we believe that we are building confidence, tenacity, and creativity into each of our students as they Learn, Perform, and Grow. We hope you and your child will join us on this amazing musical journey!



"My daughter loves her lessons with Rosanna and she has improved significantly.  Rosanna has done an outstanding job with her technical abilities while making it fun!!  I get sent videos on a monthly basis (at least!) of the two of them composing/playing the piano together.  I like the methods used during the lessons, which combines collaboration, encouragement, creativity, and technique.  I highly recommend Keys to Success!!!"

- Lynda, mother of Sydney, Age 8

"My son is 5 years old. He has been taking piano lessons at Keys to Success for 5 months now and he absolutely loves it. Teacher Rosanna is very patient and awesome with kids. She makes learning how to play the piano fun and enjoyable for my son. Every time my son goes to his piano lesson, he comes out smiling. We highly recommend Teacher Rosanna!!!"

- Bernie, mother of Preston, Age 5

"Rosanna is one of the best piano teachers (if not THE best) I’ve found in the city. I learn something new every time I go to her, and I always feel like I’m actively playing while in the lesson with her – she’s able to mix intellectual learning with the actual doing, which I think is the rarest of rare in a teacher, and especially in only 45 minutes. If you actually want to learn, no matter your current skill level, Rosanna will get you to where you want to be.  Can’t recommend her enough!"

- BJ, adult student

"My 5-year old son has been taking piano lessons at Keys to Success for a little over a month, but already I can see the benefits - the discipline of practicing and the development of perseverance and grit when he's frustrated with his little fingers not moving the way he wants over the piano keys. As he perseveres and eventually gets comfortable playing the songs, I can see the look of accomplishment in his face. It is really wonderful to see my son owning this process of learning piano. It's also been a joy to see my son engage with his teacher, Ali who is very warm, kind and great with kids! The quality and professionalism of Keys to Success is also worth noting. Would highly recommend!"

- Kara, mother of Samuel, Age 5

"My daughter is very shy and does not like to perform in front of a group. At our house, it seems clear that she enjoys to perform and wishes she could. She is very musical and puts on performances nightly. Keys To Success has found a way to tap into both her musical ability and get her to perform in front of her peers. She loves the "responsibility" of her assignments and completing them each week make her proud of herself. Keys To Success has just the right touch."

- Holly, mother of Lucia, Age 6

"Great studio! Very encouraging and caring teachers. My 6 year old son started his lessons at Keys to Success a few months ago. He enjoys the lessons very much, extremely happy and excited every time."

- Tanya, mother of Daniel, Age 6

"I started learning piano at the age of 6 and continued playing until I graduated from college. After taking a 4 year break following my graduation from school,  I recently decided I wanted to start taking lessons again. I found Keys to Success in my Google search and started taking lessons about 1 1/2 months ago. She is able to pinpoint exactly what I need to work on. Even though I have played piano for so long, I can really feel a big improvement in my finger strength and performance tactics. Our lessons are very productive and are helping me improve a lot. Highly recommended!!"

- Cait, adult student

"My daughter Nia has learned so much from her teacher Ms. Ali! Her music memory has improved in such a short time. Keys to Success has found the perfect balance of challenging Nia and allowing her to enjoy her lessons. I highly recommend this school to parents. All of the teachers are excellent and work well will kids of all ages. They make learning piano fun and instill a love of music!"

- Noreen, mother of Nia, Age 5

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