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Dominick Gregoretti is a Brooklyn-based guitarist, composer, bandleader, and teacher. Dominick graduated from The New School's Contemporary Performance program in 2023, where he  studied with Mike Stern, Nir Felder, and Darius Jones, and learned to develop his own personal identity on the guitar. He is currently leading his own project, The New Approach, who are releasing their first studio project, "The New Version Of Night" in August. In addition to playing guitar in the Brooklyn indie band Youth XL, he frequently performs and records freelance around New York. 


With a decade of experience in performing and recording, as well as multiple years of experience teaching, Dominick hopes to bring excitement and passion to his students. Dominick started his teaching career at a locally-owned music school in his hometown of Madison, Connecticut called Crescendo Music Loft. He taught private lessons to students mainly between the ages of 8-17 and specialized in guitar, bass and music theory. His favorite part of teaching was preparing his students to play live in front of an audience at a student-run open mic. He prepared students to memorize songs, communicate musically, and perform confidently with the house band. Dominick’s main goal is to give his students what they need musically and creatively to find their own personal and unique voice on the instrument.

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