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Student Spotlight - Audition Success!

Acceptance to The Music Institute at Edward R. Murrow High School!

Logan Lane

Our piano student, Logan Lane, auditioned for the music department on piano for applying to Edward R. Murrow High School and was accepted into their music institute.

Best known for its music, theater and art departments, Edward R. Murrow High School caters to all types of students.

The Music Institute is an auditioned program for students who are committed to developing their skills in music. Music Institute students will fulfill the requirements for a Chancellor’s Endorsed Arts diploma. Students who receive this diploma along with passing a second Math and Science regents will graduate high school with an Advanced Regents Diploma.

Congratulations Logan, Brava!!

Whether they are for specialized programs, musicals, conservatories, school and community theater productions, Keys to Success has experienced teachers who are ready to help with preparing students for auditions! Find out how Keys to Success can help here!

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