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Useful Tips for Performance Practice

To practice performing at home, pretend that the Piano or Guitar is

the stage and it is your turn to play at the recital. Walk to the "stage”, take a bow, and adjust the bench as needed.

Take your time to get settled in before playing. Take a moment to think through the first couple of lines of your piece you’re about to play (The rhythm and dynamics to start your piece and any particular area to remember, etc). Then begin playing your piece.

Focus on your music, not on any distractions around you.

When you have finished, stand to face the audience and bow. As you bow, let your arms hang loosely at your side; bend at the waist and look at your feet. Be sure to smile as you stand back up!

*To get comfortable at playing your program smoothly, run through your performance program 2-3 times daily without pauses or mistakes.*

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