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Piano Lessons Offer Skills Beyond Music

You want your child to learn to play the piano, but you wonder if it is worth the time, money and effort it will take to provide that experience. At Keys to Success, we genuinely believe that piano lessons for kids are the key to your child’s success in every endeavor and are thus worth every bit of your effort. Music is not the only skill your children will get from piano lessons. Learning to play the piano is a process that will give your child a variety of skills, some of which you may not have considered. Here are just a few of the skills your piano student will learn:

  • Ways to express emotion. Music is emotional, we all know that. Pianists learn to interpret the emotions of a piece of music and to properly express that emotion as they play. They learn how touch, body movement, rhythm, tempo, and dynamics affect the emotion of a piece and the story they are telling. They also learn that they can express their emotions through music as well, and that playing the piano can help them release their emotions.

  • Understanding spatial relationships. Piano playing involves interpreting spatial relationship with eyes, ears, and fingers. Students can see the distance between two notes on the page and on the piano. They can hear what that distance sounds like with their ears and they can feel what that distance feels like with their hands and fingers. These skills transfer to other areas of learning, such as geometry, where your student will need to understand and visualize images in space and time.

  • The importance of mistakes and practice. Playing the piano requires practice, as does almost every other life skill. Piano lessons offer your child an opportunity to practice practicing. Many students are scared of playing a new piece because they don’t know it and they don’t want to make mistakes, and this fear likely carries over into other aspects of their lives as well. Piano lessons give your child the opportunity to make mistakes and fix them, over and over again, until they can play something beautiful. They will learn to value practice.

Playing the piano offers children skills that will benefit them in countless ways. When you give your kids piano lessons, you are giving more than the gift of music. You give them an outlet for expressing emotion, a greater understanding of the world around them, and the ability to fix mistakes and improve, all of which are keys to success. Piano lessons for your child are worth every ounce of time and energy you give them, we guarantee it.

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