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Rondo Young Artist Competition 2016

This Spring, two of our students, Daniel Kaspin (Age 7, Left) and Jake Gil (Age 9, Left) participated in the Rondo Young Artist 2016 Festival where they each presented two to three pieces of music and competed among their age group.

Daniel's program- Minuet in G Major by Bach, and Arabesque by Burgmüller.

Jake's program- - Das Schaukelpferd by Gurlitt, ­Lovet Faller by Nystedt, &­ Calypso Joe by Pethel.

Contestants were evaluated based on their technique, musicality, and overall performances. We are excited to announce that both Daniel and Jake were chosen as the 2nd Place Winner within their age group. Congratulations!

Both Daniel and Jake will be showcasing their pieces on May 7th at

The Scandinavia House. Come and show your support!

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